terça-feira, agosto 29, 2006

How Will I Know Her? 

Everybody is left behind by somebody. A parent flees the scene. One person is promoted while the other is not. A person moves to a new city. Somebody does not know we exist and we are too shy to tell them. An accident occurs, one person dies and the other one goes on living. Somebody makes new friends and leaves the old behind.
How Will I Know Her? is a web-based exhibit about being far from the one you love, for reasons that are out of your control. If this is the most common catastrophe, it is also the original muse, and certainly a good reason to make a movie, write a song, or riot. Losing someone is just the beginning. This project was launched in April 2002 and was initially commissioned by the International Short Film Festival in Oberhausen, Germany for a program on theme of "Catastrophe". After the project was completed we discovered that we missed listening to girls talk about loss. Also, we know that it is important to document and save things that have not traditionally been archived, so that other people can use them as a resource for their own ideas. When we meet new girls we ask them if they would like to participate in this project. They are photographed holding photographs of the ones they miss, and their sad tales are below. Note the true glamour of these missing people and teenage girls who love them.
Miranda July and Emma Hedditch, June 2002

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